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Info Zone


On this page we will list a number of frequently asked questions we receive that may help you in your research or purchasing decisions. Contact us at 800-949-3566 or info@lakeelmosports.com with any other questions.

Customer feedback:
"I would like to provide a comment concerning the customer service of Lake Elmo Sports. I had bought two rash guard shirts from Lake Elmo Sports for a holiday trip. When I purchased the shirts, I mistakenly bought two shirts that did not fit my build. I subsequently lost my record of purchasing the shirts from Lake Elmo Sports other than a credit card statement. I contacted, through email, the service department at Lake Elmo Sports about returning the shirts without any proof of purchase and they efficiently and affirmatively responded to my inquiry. I was told that I could return my shirts, without hesitation, and I would be refunded the purchase price. When I had additional questions, again the customer service department responded efficiently. I have not received this much "service" from a store, let alone an "online store" in quite some time. I want to thank them for being a "customer friendly" service department."

Eric J. Schaal


Q. Can I put a boom in a boat that doesn't have a pylon?
A. Sure. They are called gunwale booms. They mount across the beam of your boat, from one gunwale to the other. We also offer booms for V-drives. Once again, all we need is the make, model and year of your boat in order to fit your boat exactly.

Q. What if the windshield of my boat extends past the pylon? (Standard boom arms will not clear windshield)
A. No problem. There are special offset boom arms available to address this issue. Flightcrafts are an example of this: they typically have a windshield that extends 4"-6" past the plane of the pylon. Just let us know make, model and year of boat.

Club Discounts

Q. Do you have any discount programs for ski clubs that buy a lot of equipment?
A. Of course! You are a valued customer! Just give us a call or email us to find out if you qualify. General requirements are that you provide a link to your website or a spot in a show program. There are additional discounts available for individuals who belong to a club. We can email you a copy. Just let us know: info@lakeelmosports.com

Custom Handles/Ropes/Braids

Q. Do you tie custom handles?
A. Yes! That is one of our specialties of which we are very proud. In some cases, you can pick rope colors to match your boat colors or size a toe hold strap just to your foot size. Want those floats in a different location, out of the way? If it can be tied, we can do it. The same goes for mainlines (what is the correct lengths for a set of ropes used in a 4 tier pyramid?) and, our forte, custom multi-color braids- for that extra flair!

Custom Suits (Dry/Barefoot/Jump)

Q. Can I order a custom drysuit?
A. Yes. You can order custom sizes or custom colors. Typical upcharge for custom suits is $50-$100 additional. We can also custom order barefoot suits or jump suits. We can also add special graphics (silk screened) - you provide the artwork. Typical upcharge for this is also $50-$100 depending on the complexity of customization. Just call to discuss.

Pylon/Trick Releases

Q. What is the difference between a Recreational release and a Show Twink Release?
A. The basic differences are that the Show Twink is a beefier release and that there is a roller bearing incorporated into it which the release finger rides on. This makes it release easier under heavy loads. The Show Twink finger opening is larger to allow for multiple rope (2+) hook-ups.

Q. How do I size a release for my boat?
A. The primary piece of information we need is the year and model of boat. We have charts going back as far as 1982. Generally, any ski boat since 1997 that has been tournament certified has a 2" dia. pylon (at the point the release is mounted.) Short of those parameters, you would need to get a very accurate measurement of the pylon dia. just below the flange. Swivel-Eze pylon owners: please call to discuss particulars of your application.

Q. What if I am getting a release for a boat today but may be changing boats in the near future?
A. No problem. KW will size the release for your present boat and when you switch boats, they can either make an insert to handle smaller dia.'s or bore out the release to accept a larger pylon, within certain limits. Call to discuss your particular situation.

Show Boards/Skis

Q. What is the difference between the ash and mahogany Classic show board?
A. Essentially, only the wood. The mahogany Classic is just that- a classic looking show board. It's a favorite among swivelers. They perform exactly the same. The exception to this is the foam filled mahogany board which is lighter and tracks flatter on the water making for slightly easier 360's, 720's or 1080's(!).

Swivel Bindings

Q. What shoe sizes does your swivel binding fit?
A. Our swivel binding fits a women's size 4-11. We can alter the heel placement to fit small children- just call to order.

Q. How is Elmo's binding different from a Bemman's?
A. We use a T-topped aircraft style pin which has a push button on top. You push down on the button and either pull up or push down the entire pin to change positions. It is designed to "click" into the locked, 180 or free positions. Bemman's has two screws, one on either side of the foot.

Q. I'm left footed/handed. Can you make the Elmo binding work for me?
A. Yes. Just let us know that when you order. We can modify the placement of the stops so the binding will rotate left instead of right in the 180 position.


Q. Are there plans that exist to build your own ski lake?
A. Yes. They can be found here: http://www.laku.com/skilake.htm

The Barefoot Company The Barefoot Company

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